It is not always that one can find a local certified guide easily or may choose to explore places on their own .In such scenarios, you can effortlessly download Audio Odigos- your personal audio guide app and start exploring the stories behind many iconic Indian heritage sites.

Bird Group, in association with Government of India, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture and Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), and State/UTs Governments has developed Audio Odigos (an easily downloadable app) under the ‘Adopt a Heritage’ scheme to enhance the visitor experience to any heritage site. Audio Odigos enables / empowers the visitor to discover the rich heritage culture of Indian Iconic Sites through an immersive audio guided tour. It offers Ministry verified content that can be accessed with ease.

Audio Odigos is a free app that can be downloaded from both iOS and Android playstore

Once you have downloaded the Audio Odigos app, sign up via Facebook/Google or through the Audio Odigos, select the city of your choice, choose your preferred language, scroll and choose a heritage site present in the city selected.

Next screen will have 3 versions of the selected destination - i.e Synopsis, Detailed and Podcast. Choose your preferred description version, play and read along.

Currently we have four tours - Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb and Fatehpur Sikri. We’re always coming out with new ones, so be sure to check back frequently. Feedback in this area is appreciated.

The Audio Odigos app is a free download, and does not have any additional subscription cost to it.

Yes, Audio Odigos allows interactions with other apps while you are using the app.

Unfortunately we do not have an iPad or a tablet version but we certainly hope to have one in future.

Yes, all of our content has been screened by professionals and is completely family-friendly. Audio Odigos is ideal for families because it helps on saving time, money and create shared experiences, conversations, and memories that will last a lifetime. For children we recommend them to use the Podcast version, which is an easy question answer format that will help children learn about the place in a fun and engaging way.

Absolutely! Audio Odigos does not require WiFi, or an Internet connection, except when you first install the app. Once the app is installed you can choose a destination and download all the chapters of the destination you are visiting in one go and enjoy your tour offline.

Start the app, select the destination, slide to the version you want to listen to and download all the chapters of that version.

You can also download chapters individually. After clicking on Let’s Start button, tap on the arrow pointing downwards icon to download chapters individually.

Another way to download all chapters is to click on the three dotted icon next to each chapter, a pop up will appear, here you can tap on the Download All icon which will download all the chapters of the version you are listening to in one go.

We’d love to hear from you! To share your feedback, visit the home screen of the app, select the three-dash icon, tap on feedback button, share your feedback and submit.

Incase of any technical issues please write to us at:

Currently we are offering content in English, Hindi, Korean and Japanese language. We are also evaluating translating the content into additional languages. Feedback in this area is appreciated.

For the best audio experience, listen to Audio Odigos through your speakerphone or simply plug in your earphones.

You’re too kind! We’re glad you love the app, and we are always thankful when customers write reviews of Audio Odigos in the App Store.

The app has three versions to choose from - Synopsis- if you are running short on time, yet want to get a quick snapshot of the highlights of a site you are visiting, you can opt for the Synopsis version.

Detailed History - If you have time on your hands and love immersing yourself in authentic stories of the places you travel to then you can choose the Detailed Version and experience the rich history, culture & heritage of the site in depth.

Podcast- this is a fun version to get to know nuances of the site and it’s history in a question answer format.